The 2024 London Marathon will take place at the end of April

The 2024 TCS London Marathon, which takes place at the end of April, is expected to attract a large number of participants. More than half a million applications have already been submitted, and most runners are actively preparing for the main race of the year.

This year’s marathon promises to be even larger and more impressive than previous ones. Participants compete not only with each other, but also with their own records, trying to break them during the race. Some runners use unusual methods to raise awareness of important issues.
Marathon organizers London Marathon Events (LME) have announced plans to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to zero by 2030. This will be achieved through the introduction of a £26 climate fee for international runners.
The London Marathon has been certified gold by the Council for Responsible Sport for its planning, communications and accessibility to the community.
Although most of the race spots are already filled, you still have the opportunity to participate in local events or volunteer.
If you are successful in securing a place but are unable to participate this year, you can defer your entry to 2025, but your participation will depend on the type of place you receive. The deadline to apply for a deferment is midnight April 20th.
The 2024 marathon route will be the same as for most of its history since 1981. It will start in Charlton and end at the Mall after passing through iconic sites such as Tower Bridge and Cutty Sark.