England beat France in the Women’s Grand Slam

The highly anticipated Six Nations Grand Slam tournament took place in Bordeaux, with England achieving an impressive victory over France. This victory was the third in a row for the English women in this tournament, and the sixth time in a row they took the title of champions.
The Red Roses showed a high level of skill and confidence, setting a record by winning 29 league games. They proved to be a relentless team, scoring five tries in the first half. In the second half, France player Assia Khalfaoui received a red card.
The English women, despite the active support of the home audience, quickly entered the game. Forwards Maud Muir and Alex Matthews scored the first tries, with France’s Gabrielle Vernier responding.
Center Megan Jones and Marine Menager also contributed to the game. Despite France’s efforts, tries from Marlie Packer and Amy Cokayne helped Mitchell’s side take the lead.
The second half was marked by struggle. Despite France being shorthanded, Menager was able to score her second try. However, Matthews’ second goal left the French team no chance of winning.
Mitchell’s team therefore remains undefeated since he joined last year.
To sum it up, it was another dominant championship for England. However, the team’s final goal remains a home World Cup next year. As for France, they have yet to overcome the English wall, having already lost 13 matches in a row. This fact only widens the gap between the two teams and makes the next match even more anticipated.