Stormzy opens a new multi-functional center #MerkyFC: Football, music and games under one roof

Recently, rapper Stormzy proudly presented his new project – the #MerkyFC multifunctional center. This is a place that embodies all the things that inspired the artist on his path. Music, football, youth culture, community and games are all brought together in one space that Stormzy is proud of.
The project was brought to life thanks to Stormzy’s hard work and perseverance. A tour of #MerkyFC’s headquarters, which includes a full-size football pitch, recording studio and games centre, left Stormzy delighted and somewhat perplexed – he finds it hard to believe his dream has become a reality.
The project, located in Croydon, south London, close to where Stormzy grew up, has special significance for the rapper. He always dreamed of creating something meaningful for his community, and now that dream has become a reality.
The #MerkyFC HQ project, created in partnership with sports manufacturer Adidas, is aimed mainly at teenagers and young adults. But Stormzy stresses that the center is open to people of all ages. He wants this space to be a place where there is something for everyone.
With his project, Stormzy wants to give people opportunities they didn’t have. For example, in 2022, it launched the #MerkyFC (Football Careers) program to help those seeking opportunities in the sports industry.
Stormzy has no intention of staying away from his downtown life. He promises to actively participate in events organized at #MerkyFC. He wants to host songwriting workshops, host gaming tournaments, and be part of the community he has created.
Together with Stormzy, the project is supported by Adidas. Steve Marks, the company’s senior director of marketing, emphasizes that their goal is to bring people together through sports, music and games. He believes #MerkyFC is the perfect place for this.
Outside of music and social activities, Stormzy is known as an avid Manchester United fan. He is also the owner of Croydon Athletic and his goal this year is to help the team gain promotion. He believes football is another way to bring people together and give them the opportunities they deserve.