Bristol is on course to become the best city for mountain biking in the UK

Every year more and more mountain biking enthusiasts choose Bristol as their destination. Bristol is already one of the best cycling cities in the UK, according to recent research, thanks to cycle routes in the areas around Ashton Court, Leigh Wood and 50 Acre Wood.

But the road conditions of these tracks are now exceptionally poor and without government funding their future lies in the hands of the charity Ride Bristol. This organization plans to use volunteers to maintain and develop the trails.
Ride Bristol estimates that keeping the Ashton Court track in good condition could cost around £15,000 a year. Donations are collected from individuals and businesses for these purposes.
The trails in Bristol are of huge importance to the city and it’s cycling community. They are free, all-weather and accessible to everyone. Thanks to them, people can take a break from the bustle of the city, enjoy nature, fresh air and exercise.
Maintaining trails not only provides personal benefits, but also boosts the local economy. Mountain biking attracts tourists, which has a positive effect on the economy.
Ride Bristol is committed to improving the trails and monthly trail maintenance days are already planned. They are calling on the public and local businesses to support them as they aim to raise funds for two major projects in 2024.
Besides volunteering, there are many other ways to support the trails. There is a monthly Dig Day, Women’s Bike Ride and Night Ride. Several events are also planned during the summer.
Jamie Edwards, trustee of Ride Bristol, stressed that “these initiatives bring people together, allowing them to become part of the community and work together to protect and build trails.”
Looking to the future, Edwards said: “Bristol could become the best city for off-road mountain biking in the UK, but it will take some effort.”